A beautifully engraved or etched door sign can last the test of time, whether it's to display a house number or name or the identity of a business.
Manufactured to the highest standards on the latest CNC engraving and industrial etching machines , SPT Design can help you achieve your goals in acquiring your perfect bespoke door sign to practically any size.
Door signs manufactured in Brass, Stainless steel, Anodised aluminium and Copper can all be displayed inside or outside, as they are all weather resistant.

Brass is the traditional material used for etched plaques and door signs. These elegant door signs are supplied polished but will tarnish over time to give a weathered look, alternatively they can be polished to maintain their finish. These chemically etched plaques are manufactured in 1.5mm thickness.

Anodised aluminium is a very durable material which comes in different colours, typically silver, black, gold and bronze. The material colour can be chosen to complement any text or logo etched or engraved into the aluminium. These etched aluminium plates are manufactured in 1.5mm thickness and cut to leave a silver edge.

Stainless steel is a very hard wearing material which requires no maintenance. These etched stainless steelplaques are manufactured with a brushed or polished finish in a 1.2mm thickness.